Kogama Game: Squid Game

Welcome to the online game Kogama Game: Squid Game. This is a great Adventure Game. This action adventure game is extremely bright and colorful, as well as fun to play. The first couple of levels are the most interesting parts of the game, as you struggle through water to reach higher areas. When you see a lifeguard at the edge of one area, swim over to it and feed it some bread so that it will attack the piranh. In addition to the fantastic 3D visuals and fantastic audio, the game is full of action.

This action game comes with five different stages across seven islands. The game starts with you as a baby, and you have to use your abilities to overcome the enemies and fish that are thrown at you. Some of the abilities include kicking, punching, climbing, swimming and throwing. Once you have used up all the abilities, the game switches to the underwater portion of the platform, where you have to utilize a variety of weapons to kill enemies and survive the attacks of the sharks and other sea creatures. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Kogama Game: Squid Game Unblocked Free Game!