Healing Rush

Welcome to the online game Healing Rush. This is a online unblocked Arcade Game. In Healing Rush, you are a genius doctor who must run a hospital to cure the patients. You can use the mouse to move patients and beds and use various drugs to cure them. By treating patients, you can earn money to expand your hospital and hire more doctors and nurses. This game requires a lot of control skill and fast hand speed.

The goal of the game is to heal as many patients as possible in order to earn money to expand your hospital. The game offers a wide variety of levels to play and is an ideal idle game for people of all ages. You will feel as if you are part of a team of doctors working together to treat patients.

The healing process is not always easy. You must choose the right medicine to cure patients. In addition, you must use coins to unlock rooms in the hospital. As you complete new challenges, you will earn more money to upgrade your doctor team. You can also hire doctors to cure more difficult illnesses. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Healing Rush Unblocked Free Game!