Tug of War Zombie

Every day games for two are becoming more and more popular, especially those games that can be played together on one computer. By the way, we are trying to keep up with fashion and today we are introducing a new game like Tug of War Zombie, where two friends can help each team win, which means they can survive. By the way, we wrote to survive, and you were not mistaken when you read this particular word, the fact is that the winner will be given life, if zombies can call their existence life. But this is where their duel lies, and therefore there will be four dead men on each side of the rope, and in the center, where the middle has several large circular saws, they all constantly rotate and the one who approaches the saw will be cut. That is why children with a weak psyche is better to go past this fun and look for something softer. So, approaching the zombie saws, the first zombie to the middle will be cut, followed by the second, third, and so on until the last.