Impostor Royal Solo Kill

Welcome to the online game Impostor Royal Solo Kill. This is a great Action Games. Impostor Royal Solo Unblocked game is an action packed, free shooting game for your PC! An impostor game based in the style of Star Wars is awaiting for you. Take on the notorious Impostors aboard a hijacked spaceship in Impostor Royal Solo Kill. Discover the shocking truth behind the betrayal of the Federation and find out who is behind the attack on your space ship. Take command of your craft using the weapons provided and shoot down enemy spacecraft as they crash land on your space ship.

A brand new action game with multiple objectives and a free swtor quest, Impostor Royal Solo Kill guarantees a fast paced game where the knife and slash everyone you see, before you can pick it up! Impostor Royal Solo Kill offers a total level game play where you will have to find out why the evil plans of the pirates have been stopped. You will have to find out why the Federation is locked in a conflict with the Klingon Empire and find out who has betrayed the Federation.

There are many other levels including the campaign mission 'Impostor'. In this mission you will have to find all the bounty hunters who are being attacked and kill them to make an escape through the sewers. Other missions in this exciting game include 'Find the Bazaar', 'hunt the monster', 'confront the pirates' and many more. The game will have you going through spaceships one by one and shooting everything that you see, so get ready to explore and shoot anything that moves. Impostor Royal Solo Kill is guaranteed to be a big hit with kids and adults alike. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Impostor Royal Solo Kill Unblocked Free Game!