Car Eats Car 3

At the beginning of the player is available one game stage. Once all the tests in it are completed, others will open. Each of them is unique in its own way, so do not rush to the passage. The gameplay is stuffed with various obstacles and difficulties, so you have to constantly monitor opponents, the level of health and bonuses that await ahead. Drive will increase as you move to the final goal. For the destruction of enemy vehicles provided automatic shooting, but their slow death is not beneficial to you, because the health will be difficult to fill. Using super powerful rockets, it will be possible to correct the current state of affairs and turn the rivals' machines into a pile of scrap metal! For each game stage there are 20 levels. Every 4 levels follows the location with the boss. Here you need to change the usual tactics and adapt to the abilities of the main villain. Do not be lazy to experiment - quite obviously, the most effective method of destroying a boss will come completely by accident. Thus, the race will be fun for many hours, and the desire to return to it after a short period of time will be more than enough!