School Bus Parking Frenzy

Every morning at the same time a large bus leaves from the large garage, which was created to transport children from school to school. The bus is painted yellow to be more visible on the road to other drivers, and they behaved cautiously, as the children on the bus. The bus driver drives the same route every morning, while respecting the schedule and all the stops. In a word, life goes in a measured turn, where everything is boring and monotonous, but the driver cannot last forever like that, taking schoolchildren to the school gathers a meeting of drivers like him. Together they play various games and arrange competitions in the skill of driving and parking large buses. Perhaps it will cheer them up a bit and help pass the time until the end of the lessons. One of the competitions is bus parking and a stop in places where you need to pick up children. But to confirm the results of the assignment in the game School Bus: Mad Parking in the bus should be another person. This role falls to you, especially if you can cope with the management of such a bus yourself, which we will do, since the driver has run away on his own business.