Drunken Boxing

Welcome to the online game Drunken Boxing. This is a free Action Game. This fighting game is a combination of action and sport. In the game, you are a drunk boxer, and you must fight other drunken boxers. The goal is to win as many rounds as possible and collect power-ups to enhance your fighting skills. This is a 3D game, and you can play it on both PC and mobile devices. 

The objective of the game is to knock your opponent out. This is done by using your mouse or keyboard. In this game, you use your keyboard to punch and block. You can use your arrow keys to move your character. You can also play with a friend or play against a computer. Once you hit the opponent, he/she will be knocked out and you will win. The best strategy in this game is to attack right as your opponent is getting tired.

The game is played in two-player mode and one-player mode. It features realistic ring announcers to create the feel of being at a pay-per-view fight. While playing, you must be aware of your energy bar. It is important to be mindful of it, because it can get drained very quickly. The objective is to beat the opponent and get 5 points. The game can be played on PC and mobile devices, but you must be careful to not lose your balance while drinking. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Drunken Boxing Unblocked Free Game!