Stickman Fighter: Epic Battles

Long traveling through the most dangerous quarters of his city, Stickman went so far that now he could not get out. Using his smartphone, he nevertheless paved the way home, but how many things he will have to experience before. First, some stranger joined up with Stikmen, and it is unlikely that he has good intentions, but he cannot continue like this all the time and Stikmen decided to approach the stranger himself to find out the reason for the persecution. As Stikmen approached, the stranger immediately turned and ran. This is what our hero did not expect, but oh well, he thought, maybe for the better, but later he realized that he was simply being followed. Moving on, Stickman saw several people attack the madman who was watching him and Stickman decided to stand up. How late he realized that it was a production, and all for the sake of to get Stikman in a fight and cut him to pieces. We will not allow the gang of bandits to do this. Stand up for a lone fighter and cope with the bandits.