Happy Wheels

If you are tired of the ordinary races on the coolest sports cars and pilots, athletes, Happy Wheels successfully helps you to distract from them. This game is designed for many levels, and in each of them you will be waited by dangerous traps, ups and downs, and this arcade game is known for a large number of bloody scenes, so some may even seem unpleasant. If in a standard race mainly sports cars or at least ordinary cars compete with each other, here the irresponsible cyclist, disabled old man, a man on a segway, a fat woman and a hipster boy act as riders. You can ride a bike, wheelchair, wheelbarrow and shopping cart. Not every game will offer a race on two wheels, but here it is absolutely normal. In short, the game offers quite an extreme race! HOW TO PLAY: Before you start reading the arcade, review the control of heroes and a description of the levels. If you do not like any of them, choose any other. If in an ordinary race, the arrows back and forth serve to accelerate and decelerate, here they are responsible for bending forward and backward, and the up and down keys, respectively, allow you to go forward and backward (brake). Do not rush to drive from the very beginning, as your vehicle will roll over and the driver will fly apart. Moreover, the body can be scattered across the screen, and the vehicle will roll to the side. The main key responsible for eliminating obstacles is Space. Most often it is either a jump through elevation, or a shot. Happy Wheels Unblocked game also provides additional actions. Shift is responsible for the first additional action, Control for the second. Secondary actions are actually specific skills that either each participant of the race has or that are specifically for you. Both of these keys are used most often to turn, lower a person from a vehicle, or change a position. There is another interesting button for the ejection - Z. The game has about 100 levels, and it is interesting that all of them are practically developed by ordinary gamers. That is, each of us can participate in the development of this game. However, the most interesting of the 100 are the next 9 levels, and each of them is unique. Each has a name, a brief description (it is on the right) and restrictions on participants. Some levels can play to all participants, and in some there are restrictions. Levels are called top to bottom: Obstacle Course? (Running with obstacles); Gut Bus Extreme! (Extreme on the bus with guts); BMX-Park II (BMH_Park II); SnowyMountain * final * (Final on a snowy mountain); Dawn of the Dead.lv1 (Dawn of the Dead); A large Satan eats u (Big Satan eats you); TrapTrac (trap road); IT KEEPS HAPPENING! (This continues to occur); Rope Swings (Bungee). For example, for the first level “Running with obstacles” it says that you need to worry more than ever before and pay attention to bad things. This is a simple level, and you should try to get through it. No less attractive, and the heroes of the game! They are an old man on a wheelchair, a man on a segway, a careless dad-cyclist with a child and an overweight woman on a trolley from a supermarket. The last character and all future ones are available only in the full (not demo) version of the game. In addition, the game has a couple on an old motorcycle, an old man with a lawnmower, a miner in a trolley, a man on a pony (jumping stick) and a helicopter. All the characters are intertwined with each other and are members of one large family. In the game, as such, there is no script, but this does not prevent it from becoming more popular every year. Take part in unusual races with cute characters!