Police Car vs Thief

Police Car vs Thief is about a tale as old as time. It’s about an endless struggle of good and evil. It’s about the ultimate cat and dog fight. In this exciting chase, you’ll play as the different one, the outcast. You’ll be showing your driving skills and moves on an endless map. Your aim is to avoid police cars by any means necessary! It's a great oppurtunity to test your driving skills. Its addictive nature will make you spend so many hours playing this game. And naturally your skill will grow stronger, without noticing you’ll become the best driver in town. The chase will start with one police car, then two, three, and then before you know the entire police force will come after you to hunt you down. You could be the biggest outlaw there is by avoiding the cops as long as you can. You’ll notice some amount of cash spreaded across the map playing the game. Take that cash, pick them all up! The more the merrier. Yes, it sounds a bit greedy about the money but there's a reason behind that and it's the garage that the game offers. You can save your money and use it to unlock new and more awesome cars than the one you’re driving. And after you’ve unlocked all the pieces in the garage you’ll take a deep breath with satisfaction. This is why you've become an outlaw. This is why you avoided those cops for so long. Every car in the garage will have unique qualities. Some of them are faster than the others. But don't let this fool you. Because some of the slower cars are much stronger than faster ones. Some cars are just perfection and will be the reason for you to save up your money. Remember, you have to avoid from the cops by any means necessary. Because 5-0’s will also have this mentality. They will come after you hard. All of them will try to blow up your car. There are many obstacles on the map whether it’s the police or more natural obstacles like rocks that can blow you up, if you hit them at high speeds. There are a few strategies that you can try, determining your gameplay. If you choose faster but weaker cars your car will blow up more easily. If you choose slower but stronger cars your car will be able to resist more hits. Each car has its perk. Police Car vs Thief might sound violent. But don’t worry. Try and see it yourself. It has fun gameplay and its controllers are simple yet great. We assure you that this electrifying racing games is an experience you should try out. Join us to play this game right away!