Moto X3M Winter

Racing is always extreme and a lot of dangerous situations from which not everyone can get out without a loss. In any race, finishing in the top three succeeds only in the best - those who have a good reaction, are able to choose the best tactics of the upcoming races and confidently control their vehicle, which does not matter what value. And any of the races Moto X3M Winter will be a wonderful proof of this. In these races there are no easy wins. Especially in those that are not carried out on smooth highways, in open and highly rugged terrain. And the weather can thoroughly complicate your task. Now it is winter, which means snow, ice on the road and other winter “delights”. But you are determined to win, and this is your only task for today. If you managed to skate one of the previous Moto Extreme games, you know how powerful sports bikes can be, as well as how difficult it is to keep them from falling on steep and slippery corners. But now racing tracks are becoming more dangerous, more powerful motorcycles and rivals more experienced. Ready to join the race on such conditions? Then go to the garages for your first bike.