Solitaire Legend

  Here’s a legendary card game for you: Solitaire Legend! You might be wondering what this game can bring new to the table, solitaire games being around since the creation of Adam and Eve. Well, let’s get down to it and analyze the game, shall we?   First of all, if you are into card games but don't know how to play it yet and want to learn Solitaire, you’ve found the perfect tutorial that will make a Solitaire addictive out of you. Solitaire is a tabletop game which you can play by yourself, like in the legend of solitaire ’s case, usually with cards. You will match the cards according to their colours and values, aces being the lowest and kings being the highest. If you can isolate all the cards in the decks and form the needed combinations, you will be glorious. Otherwise you will fail. Miserably. But there is something that can save you from such a shame as this. There’s a tip option symbolized with a lightbulb. If there’s any moves that you can't do or see on your current game, this option will guide you to the right move. There is also a retract option. This will allow you to retract your latest action. Sometimes a wrong move can jam your gameplay and you can get stuck and can't go further. If that is the case, don't be shy to use this chance to go back to your fault and correct it.   Solitaire legend of the pirates has cartoony but modern graphics giving the game a look that you can't easily describe. Being an addictive card game, solitaire avalon legends will make you fight with the urge of playing it over and over again. You’ll earn bounties after each game, bounties that you can spend to unlock new and awesome backgrounds and new card desks. It’s a brand new look into the card games genre. Click play and make sure you have fun!