Nightmare Runners

Welcome to the online game Nightmare Runners. This is a great Multiplayer Game. Nightmare Runners is an action game with superb graphics, in this game you'll race against other online players, beat all hazardous obstacles and be the last remaining player to win the game. At the start of the game all the players will gathers at a certain spot, there they'll face off against each other. You can switch from single player to two player game while playing Nightmare Runners Unblocked game. It's a fantastic two player game where you could use your head or just your keyboard to maneuver the game.

In the game you have limited power and you'll need to save your energy by using some weapons or special abilities. When you're going to level up, there are several Nightmare Runners stages that you could try to complete. During these stages monsters and other challenges are still active. These challenges could be traps, alarms, spikes, lasers or any other kind of obstacles in the game that you have to avoid to finish the level. There are several levels after each main area and once you've finished the first area you'll move on to the next.

You can also find several multiplayer games online where you could play the Nightmare Runners game. The most popular multiplayer game for this game is the Horde Mode where you could team up against the five different kinds of enemy monsters that make up the Horde. There are also several other kinds of obstacle in the game which needs to be avoided and destroyed. They are fire pits, acid pits, traps as well as the giant eggs. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Nightmare Runners Unblocked Free Game!