Candy Puzzle Blocks

Players of candies and block puzzles are in luck because today's free games Candy Puzzle Blocks have appeared. In it, you'll work with sweet candy blocks made from caramel, nougat, sweet chocolate and other multi-colored frosted sugar cubes with fruit fillings. The challenge is to place on the playing field, composed of empty square cells filled with candy pieces, as many equally sized blocks as you can. You'll need to avoid filling the squares with pimples, lumps and spikes, which release a scrumptious stream of candies when they are knocked over.

What makes these free html5 game versions so fun is that they are usually multicolored, allowing you to play both against the computer or with a friend who also uses the same computer. These games are extremely popular with children who love both candies and the different puzzle games they have to complete in order to reach the end of each level. You can use the free games Candy Puzzle Blocks Unblocked game to help children learn how to solve problems and improve their problem solving skills, even when you're not around to play. There are many levels to this game, ranging from beginner to advanced, making it perfect for those kids who want to get good at using the computer or who just want to play on their own.

In addition, this version of free Candy Puzzle Block cool game allows you to use a mouse to control the action, making it perfect for those parents who are still trying to get their kids to learn to mouse click. It's fast and efficient, and you can switch from the keyboard if you find you're a bit stuck. This game is so popular with preschool aged children, in fact, that they actually collect candies as a way to solve the puzzle. Some of these items can be collected by purchasing the different candy pieces separately. Others are given as prizes when winning a game. The free games offered on this site are great for children to play, yet at the same time provide them with an enjoyable learning experience. wishes you have fun playing Candy Puzzle Blocks.