Run Sausage Run

In the game Run Sausage Run you have to make a desperate escape from the lair of a meat eater. First, your character will be a yummy sausage, which fell into the hands of a hungry meat lover. Once you have collected enough gold coins, you can unlock other characters: chili peppers, eggplant, shallots, a slice of bacon and a yellow geezer named Tim, which is very reminiscent of a minion. Get ready for a crazy run and rush off. At first, the sausage will run slowly, but in times of danger, you should accelerate and you will gain incredible speed. At this time, the sausage will bend down and you should take this into account when you get vertical knives. Also, during the game you will come across various bonuses that will help protect your sausage from sharp knives and other sharp objects, of which there are very many. Enjoy the game and good luck!