Adam and Eve: Golf

Welcome to the online game Adam and Eve: Golf. This is a free Adventure Game. Adam and Eve: Golf Game is a fun and easy to play obstacle golf game. It features cartoonish graphics and requires mouse control. In this golfing game, you will have to guide Adam to the next hole by tapping anywhere on the screen. You will be able to collect stars as you hit the ball, and as you advance through the levels, you will encounter various obstacles. In addition, the game will require you to play against the clock.

Adam and Eve: Golf is a fun game that combines the classic and modern sides of golfing. The player will need to use their sticks to hit a ball into the holes. The ball is a prehistoric sphere that must be hit into holes. The player will have to navigate a number of hazards and other obstacles in the course to get the ball to its destination. The goal of this game is to hit the ball into the hole in the least amount of shots.

The game requires a powerful swing to get a hole in one. The dinosaurs will be in your way, but if you play your cards right, they will help you complete the level. Once you have reached the coconut's place, you will win. The three stars in the hole-in-one represent the coconut, which must reach the hole in order to earn a coconut. The graphic of this game is attractive and entertaining, and it is suitable for children of all ages. The music is very clear, too, and the sound is also very soothing. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Adam and Eve: Golf Unblocked Free Game!