Titan Swamp Attack

Welcome to the online game Titan Swamp. This is a great Action Games. Try Titan Swamp Attack, a fun-filled action game! Play this exciting game, beat bosses and complete several levels within a short time to become the best master ever! Titan Swamp Attack Unblocked Game is a thrilling action-filled adventure game not meant especially for the casual light-hearted. This fast paced action game comes with its thrilling adventure in an aquatic swamp filled with enemies waiting to grab you and toss you around!

In order to save the world, you must find out the secret behind the Hydra Mask and defeat the infamous Dr. Darkkan in all his hideous glory. The story line will take you to a land called Dinosaur Island where dinosaur statues abound. These are the source of the strange powers found inside them. Each level in this fast paced action game will also introduce new characters such as the Ice Mage and Brain prior to your battle with Dr. Darkkan. The action packed game will leave you breathless as you take on the grueling task of saving the world.

This is a perfect game for those looking to experience a thrilling adventure with the blend of action and adventure. If you enjoy fighting evil and seeing the scenery through the eyes of a new set of eyes then this is the game for you. It doesn't matter if you are a novice gamer or a hardcore gaming pro, you simply cannot miss this exciting new game Titan Swamp Attack. If you think it's only good for kids, think again. It's for adults and kids alike. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Titan Swamp Unblocked Free Game!