Shell Shockers

With Shell Shockers, get ready to be a killer egg and fight in an egg combat! In this shooting game, first, you choose your egg type and enter your nickname. Then you find yourself in a fight with many other killer eggs in a field. You and other eggs can be equipped with different kinds of weapons like a shotgun, a sniper rifle, pistols or grenades. You can form a team and play against other eggs with your friends or you can play individually. Don't forget: You are an egg and can easily be killed. So you must watch your every step, be careful, hide from your enemies when necessary. If you're ready for excitement and fun, start playing. Let the battle begin! How to play ? Mouse and WASD to move. LMB to fire. E to change weapons. R to reload. Q to throw a grenade. All controls are configurable in the Settings menu. Get yolked!

Shell Shockers is a great online game style FSP game that you can play with your friends. Egg-shaped characters are fighting each other to the death. Do you want to fight in the red group or in the blue group? Make your choice and load up your weapons to get started in Shell Shockers Unblocked game. After choosing your side in Shell Shockers io, you are dropped into an arena from the air. Once you have chosen the weapon you want, you are ready to start the war. Egg-shaped icons become your bullets. Remember that the number of bullets is limited. When you run out of ammo, you don't want to be vulnerable, do you? So, while playing Shell Shock io, keep one eye on the enemy and the other on the ammo reserve. You have to be fast as you fight in the labyrinthine battle arena. Just look at the color on your head to find out the team of any egg warrior you come across. This way, you avoid hitting your friends with an accident bullet. If you get shot or die while playing Shell Shockers io, you will continue your life as an omelette because you are an egg. So when you see the enemy, hit the trigger and dump all the bullets on the enemy. Make sure it's dead.

Each arena battle is limited to a certain number of matches in the Shell Shockers game, which has affected the whole world. Therefore, your team should win in terms of the number of matches. In this way, you will be advantageous in the Shell Shockers game and your word will prevail in choosing a new map.

Hey, haven't you played Shell Shockers Unblocked game yet? Haven't even stopped your name yet? This must be a joke because you are missing a lot. Click the play now button and start playing Shell Shockers. We wish you luck.

Shell Shockers is an online first person shooter game featuring egg figures. In this game, the gamer takes control of an egg armed only with a gun and enters the game's arena. The player earns points by shooting down the enemies and earning bonus points as they advance through the various levels of the game. The game is played over the Internet using an Xbox Live Arcade account. Additional accessories include gun controllers, egg capsules, and an assortment of camouflage costumes.

Shell Shockers was one of the very first multiplayer first person shooter games to be released. It was a highly successful game when it was released and is still popular today among gamers who enjoy the adrenaline rush that the game provides. In addition to the egg shooter game, other popular multiplayer first person shooters which feature animals include Giraffe Island, Killer Bee, and Tanks vipers.

A few of the available multiplayer shooters which are available on the Internet at this time include: Battletech, Gear up, and Just Battle. Each of these games features shell hunting as its main theme. Players are encouraged to use their imagination in solving puzzles which will help them to get the best loot in the game and eventually progress through each level. Because this is not a multiplayer shooter, those players who do not want to compete with other individuals will not have a difficult time finding a game that is suitable for their skill level. These games are entertaining and teach children valuable life lessons without subjecting them to violence.