Cosmic Racer 3D

Welcome to the great Cosmic Racer 3D game. This is a great racing games. Cosmic Racer 3D is a very addictive game on the internet which is very much similar to other car racing games. It's a high tech, arcade style, action driving game in which you drive through many different landscapes and crash into billboard units, police cars, and other things like that. The main character in the game is an insane space pirate called Cracky. Many fans of this classic game also have made several online modifications, bringing the game to the next level.

The basic concept of the Cosmic Racer 3D Unblocked game is to get your vehicle out of an endless black hole and to perform tricks and jumps to win the race. You'll see that when you drive a vehicle through the hole, you will be thrust back in the black hole, which makes the vehicle go really fast (and crashes horribly if you don't know what you're doing). You can upgrade the vehicle, collect power ups to make your drive more successful, and compete with the online racers to see who gets the highest score. Although the controls in this game are not particularly great, they do work. For the most part, the controls actually allow you to do almost anything in this game.

The most impressive thing about the Cosmic Racer 3D free cool game website is its community. Thousands of people play this game every single day, building a huge community around the game with forums and social networks. The creators of the game also have a blog where they talk about the development process, provide news, and talk about the changes they have made to the original game, as well as the future plans for the future. The official website has some really neat features, such as a gallery with over one thousand images, and a forum where you can interact directly with the developers, discuss things with other players, and ask questions about the game and the development. Overall, this is one of those games that's just a lot of fun to play! wishes you have fun playing Cosmic Racer 3D Unblocked free game!