Biker Stars Racer

Here’s an awesome driving game for you: Biker Stars Racer. It’s an excellent motor racing game. Let's start with its mechanics. They’re realistic and make you feel like you’re driving a real motor. And your track will be against the traffic all the time. You’ll be experiencing driving against a heavy traffic. No wonder the game is defined as a thrill ride. It can very well be the definiton of the word ''thrill'' in the dictionary. It’s an action pack that will leave you at the edge of your chair all the time. The next thing we need to talk about Biker Stars Racer gold edition is its graphics. They're colourful and cartoonish. And they will make you want to play the game more and more. It might easily be your next addiction… There are 3 game modes on Biker Stars Racer gold edition unity. First, you can play the game on time trial mode and you can be judged by a time limit. You’re gonna have to check in certain points to gain seconds and finish the track on given time period to successfully finish the level. The second mode is the endless mode. There are no restrictions on this mode. Just you, open road and traffic against you. You’re gonna ride your bike endlessly and aimlessly like you don't have any worries in the world. It’s the perfect mode for blow out some steam. The third and maybe the most fun mode is the fighters mode. You’ll be navigating your bike through obstacles on the road. It’s the most challenging and yet most satisfying mode of the game. Never stop fighting and conquer the challenge that game offers. Another cool thing about this game is its maps. There are different countries as maps that you can play. Each map is unique and not alike to each other. You can try out USA map. When you get tired of it, you can play France. And so on... One last thing to mention is that there are lots of different heroes that you can try on the game. So you can diversify your overall experience trying different maps with different heroes. Thanks to this, the gaming experience changes up on each gameplay. It’s colourful, it's fast and it’s action-packed. Click play and get into the life in the fast lane now!