Tiny Landlord

Welcome to the online game Tiny Landlord. This is a online unblocked Simulation Game. Tiny Landlord is a game that will have you reshape a city, attract new citizens, and develop its commercial areas. The game allows you to manage various aspects of city life, such as allocating work to your employees, residents, factories, and repair services. As you progress, you will be able to unlock additional objects and buildings that will enhance your city.

Tiny Landlord is a great game that blends several different genres. It is a city building simulation, economic strategy, and arcade game. You will be taking on the role of the mayor of a large city and creating a comfortable and modern metropolis. The gameplay is simple, yet challenging.

The game includes a variety of other activities as well. Besides building houses and apartments, you'll also need to create a public transport network and plan the city's buildings. These structures will affect the mood of the inhabitants, as well as supply the city with resources. Buildings in the game include residential towers, entertainment complexes, and administrative buildings. You can also build a hospital, medical and educational institutions, and hotels. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Tiny Landlord Unblocked Free Game!