Bubble Game 3 Deluxe

In Bubble Game 3 Deluxe you get to choose from three different playing modes: Story, Endless and arcade mode. In the Story mode, you get to guide Bubble Boy through all the levels of his adventure. Guide him through each stage and kill every enemy he meets. If you like action packed bubble shooting games then this is the game for you! The more levels you beat the higher your score!

You get to choose from eight different background themes in this game, namely: Tribal Island, Seaside Park, Funky Valley, Space Station, Forest of Secrets, Ocean Beach, Brinkmann's Planetarium and the Pyramid Arena. Different stages in Bubble Game 3 Deluxe Unblocked game include: Bubble Shop, Training Room, Ice cream park and the Escape velocity sector. Try them all out for a full experience! Unlock the special cheat mode by purchasing the Deluxe Pack, otherwise this game will not be very challenging.

In this challenging html5 game you get to choose between three bubble blasting guns. Choose the right gun and you'll be rewarded with powerful bubble shot. Different levels in bubble shooting require different skills, so master the basics first before heading into the more difficult stages. Discover the secret of the bosses in this fun bubble shooter game!