Monster Truck Wheelie

  Here’s an exciting game that will test your driving skills: Monster Truck Wheelie. In thrilling driving game, you’ll be handling a monster truck with a giant engine. Do you think you've got what it takes to do that? Come play and learn the answer.   If you saw any monster truck race or shows on tv or on Youtube before, you can predict the game's premise from its name. Because of the dynamics and designs of one of the most magnificent creations of mankind, these glorious trucks can do wheelies. Yes, we’re not joking, these trucks that weighs tons of kilograms can do wheelies like a teenage on a bike. And the premise of the game comes from this point. To success at Monster Truck Wheelie, you’ll have to manage doing wheelies with your track as long as you can. But it’s easier said than done. Achieving this task takes a great concentration and some good reflexes. Otherwise you’ll either flip your truck off or plop down on the map. Mechanics of the game are pretty simple and at the same time pretty awesome. You’ll flip the truck with the LMB.   Thanks to its cartoony graphics this little gem is a blast to play. It’s the newest game that you won't be able to stop playing thanks to its addictive structure. If you like strong but athletic cars that can do stunts like you wouldn't believe, then click play and start having the time of your life. Also, be sure to visit our Driving Games category for more games like this. Have fun!