In the game world there are a huge number of sports games, many of which are devoted to football, and this is not surprising, since football is one of the most popular sports. There are games with realistic graphics, there are games with a real storyline, and there are still online games with a multiplayer mode, where players from all over the world can show their skills and fight with the team against the team. New game  just refers to those games where the main thing is not the appearance of the players or the storyline, but the opportunity to plunge into your favorite game again. the developers decided for a long time not to think about the type of players, so you play football in the form of balls; HOW TO PLAY:The game has a Russian translation, which makes it understandable for more players. so before you start playing, read the rules and controls. By the way, the control in the game is simple, you take the mouse and control your player by simply moving it around the field and pushing the ball. During the game, pay attention to the yellow balls, if they touch your football player will increase for some time the speed of movement.