Drop The Gift

Welcome to the online game Drop The Gift. This is a free Kids Game. If you want to get into the Christmas spirit, you should check out Drop The Gift Unblocked Game. This 2D side-scrolling arcade game is designed to be addictive and fun. The goal is to drop gifts where they belong while avoiding crows, buildings, and other objects. As the Santa, you'll need to carefully time your moves to land the gifts where they belong without being caught. In order to complete each level, you need to reach the required number of drops, which will increase your score.

This game has several modes and is free to play. The game is a great choice for families that have young children. Children will love the idea of flying Santa's sleigh and dropping gifts into chimneys. However, be careful as some presents may fall on their way. For this reason, it's important to be extremely careful while playing the game. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Drop The Gift Unblocked Free Game!