Queen of Pop

Welcome to the online game Queen of Pop. This is a free Arcade Game. Queen of Pop Unblocked Game is a rhythm-based music game where you must play as the Queen to sing a song. This music rhythm game requires fast reflexes and musical ability, as you must tap the screen at the right time to collect the notes while the song is playing. This music game is easy to control and has simple instructions. The controls are also simple. There are different difficulty levels. To win the game, you must collect all the notes within the song.

Queen of Pop Game has a simple yet effective UI that makes it a fun game for players of all ages. Rather than getting too complicated, the gameplay is simple and intuitive, so even children can play it. You simply tap at the right time to hit the right notes. You can unlock 12 songs in total, and each song will get easier as you progress. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Queen of Pop Unblocked Free Game!