Heroes Inc!

Welcome to the online game Heroes Inc!. This is a online unblocked Skill Game. Each hero has two types of attacks, a basic attack and a special attack. The first three attacks will automatically attack enemies in their range, but you can manually attack the same enemy by tapping on the screen. The fourth attack will be a special attack, stronger than the others. Some hero types will be melee, while others will use ranged attacks to deal damage.

Every hero has a different rarity, which affects their overall strength. The rarer a hero is, the more damage she can take. You can also enhance your hero with wild elements, which you collect in the hero headquarters. Wild elements can be mixed together to create a new hero.

In Heroes Inc!, players create superheroes by fusing elements from different parts of the body. For example, fusing an eye with a laser will create a superhero who can shoot lasers from his eyes. Players can also test their heroes in various scenarios and use them in battles with real enemies. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Heroes Inc! Unblocked Free Game!