Swimming Pro

Welcome to the online game Swimming Pro. This is a great Sport Game. Swimming Pro Unblocked Game is a fun free sport game for kids that teaches kids valuable swimming skills. Train your kids to be the top swimmer in the town and beat your friends time and again! Challenge the greatest swimmers in the land and beat your best time! Collect trophies to increase your power and step onto the podium of champions!

In this sport, kids are able to make use of their free time in a very innovative way. Kids enjoy this game because they get to use sakura powers that can transform them into an ultimate swimming pro. In order to defeat opponents, you must cut them with sakura blade, throw sakura bubbles to stun your opponent and launch them towards the ground. The longer the opponent stays down, the more points you earn. The longer you remain down without touching the ground, the less free time you have, and the lower your score will be.

In the main game, you control various water tank characters that compete against each other. The objective of the game is to be the first player to gather all the stars on the bottom of the ocean. There are two difficulty settings, Normal and Pro, and the difficulty increases as you move to the next level. To advance to the next level you just need to clear all the events in the school mode, the only modes available are Story mode, Practice mode and Endless mode where you have to complete all events in one sitting without touching the bottom of the ocean. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Swimming Pro Unblocked Free Game!