Falling Balls

Falling Balls! is a free Yup7 arcade game. It's one of the least graphically intensive Yup7 application. The overall gameplay of the free games application is: you just need to Dodge those endless falling balls of various sizes, move left or right by clicking on the control stick, and eventually get to the top level to unlock 'zed'. But what makes Falling Balls Unblocked Game! so special is that despite its rather simplistic nature, it still manages to retain a good basic gameplay, enough to make players interested in trying the game.

As you play with the mouse, you move the mouse wheel, and you also rotate the camera, to control your falling balls. When you try to Dodge an object, you move the mouse wheel in the direction you want to move; for instance, you move it by clicking on the up arrow to Dodge bullets, or you move it by clicking on the down arrow to avoid obstacles. Different colored balls will pass through different obstacles; for instance, a light blue bullet will not be affected by the fireballs that explode in the screen. The screen is filled with different colors, from red to yellow to green, so it's quite easy to memorize where the bullets are. Some of these obstacles include, wooden poles, wheels, holes and spikes. Different levels can be unlocked by spending some coins, but you can always start with the basic level first.

To conclude, Falling Balls game! is a very interesting arcade game that can be played alone or with others online. It's free and provides many hours of great online action. Yup7.com wishes you have fun playing Falling Balls.