Color Tunnel 2

Color Tunnel 2 game is a 3d hypercasual runner that requires fast reflexes and pinpoint accuracy to move through tunnels full of red obstacles. The frantic pace of this fun game will improve your planning and reaction times while also helping you to warm up your reflexes for other run and dodge games. The 3D hypercasual runner Color Tunnel 2 features beautifully designed tunnels that the player must run through while avoiding all the red obstacles in their path. The levels will alternate between tunnels and space bridges and the speed will increase as the player progresses. The player controls the tunnel with the left and right arrow keys. The player must use their quick reactions to avoid hitting the red obstacles in the tunnel, otherwise, they will die and the game is over. The color tunnels are constantly spinning and will change colors, textures and obstacles as the player progresses. These changes can be very confusing, so it's best to stay focused and steer the ball perfectly to avoid all the incoming obstacles or else you'll have to start over. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Color Tunnel 2 Unblocked Game!