Here’s a game for you to take out your frustration on because of being stuck in the house due to the coronavirus. It’s Corona! In this exciting .io game, you’ll play the role of a potential cure to fight off the coronavirus that caused this ghastly pandemic. How effective will you be? Will you be able to cure this virus? If you think you can, click play and get into the game. There are 2 modes on the game. You can play the game on offline mode against bots. But let's admit it, the real fun is on the online mode. Being an .io game that it is, you’re going to play against real players from all over the globe on this mode.There are 6 types of roleplaying in here. They’re called classic, survival, kill the king, team battle, smash and 1 pro mode. But beware. One simply cannot play these types from the scratch. You have to earn your way through these types. You’ll start playing the classical mode. With your success here you’ll earn trophies that you can use to unlock other online mode types and arenas to play. On the classical mode you’ll be dropped into the arena with other potential cures for a deathmatch. The strong one that executes smart strategies will emerge victorious in this deathmatch. You can use your gold stars to unlock other skins and trophies to open other types and arenas. The game has very simple yet charming game mechanics. You’ll navigate your way around the map. And you will dash your enemies. Being a real-time multiplayer game, on every round you play, you'll be against new people and it’ll be a different game experience each time. Its non-repetitive gameplay is a strong suite for sure. It also offers colourful graphics that will make you have really fun time. It’s a great .io game that you must play, especially during these hard times... Fight against the coronavirus and see if you can destroy it right now! If you like real-time multiplayer games like this, be sure to visit our .IO games section to discover more.