Solitaire Collection: Klondike & Spider & FreeCell

Solitaire Collection: Klondike, Spider & Freecell are the most popular classic solitaire games that is addictive and fun! By changing the appearance of the game, you can personalize the game to suit your taste with the six tripeaks cards, alternate color pattern, game board background and the cover of the game. These are the only solitaire cards, which were specially designed by the casino for use in the game. The design is not a traditional solitaire but an abstract that using regular playing cards six sided die.

There are different versions of the solitaire collection: Klondike Deluxe, Klondike Super Solitaire, Klondike Single Solitaire and Klondike Multi Solitaire. The Deluxe, Single and Multi solitaire come with the six sided die and illustrated board, while the Deluxe comes with game pieces that have been specifically tailored to cater to the visual appeal of the game. For the Single Solitaire, it has one card that can be changed to any other card of the same suit, while the multi Solitaire has twenty cards that can be used interchangeably. The Freecell game features only one card that has a face value, making this version of the Solitaire Collection variant the least challenging.

The six sided die of the Klondike Solitaire Collection includes a total of ninety-two cards, including thirteen cards that have a face value, four cards of which are special, i.e. clubs, diamonds, hearts and spades, and eight "special" cards that have no normal value in the game of Solitaire, i.e. the four "special" cards and three "common" cards. The freecell game is played with an ordinary solitaire set up and can be played with a maximum of two players. It differs from the regular game in that it does not have a bottomless pit or a spider web. wishes you success in Solitaire Collection: Klondike game.