Platfoban is an exciting, challenging retro adventure game that combines the fun of classic platform games with the accessibility of an old-school arcade. It's available as a web game - perfect for those looking for something unique and requiring no downloading. In this game you play a space traveler who is exploring strange new worlds. The hero has a companion robot who will follow him around. He must jump from platform to platform, avoiding obstacles and collecting all the objects in each.

As well as the fun adventure and action, there's also an endless amount of virtual coins to collect and upgrade your space ship. It's a nice mix of action and puzzle. I especially like the retro aspect of the game as it's not like many modern games. Most people don't associate retro gaming with computers and gaming devices, but this is where it's at. The games are still played on dedicated consoles, but they're presented in a style we're used to today, using the same pixel-shader technology to create beautiful graphics and sounds.

If you enjoyed the early Nintendo console games, or the PC adventure games of the 80s, then this is an adventure game you really should check out. It's retro, it's cute and it's a great puzzle and adventure game. If you have trouble finding your voice or getting into a groove, which is often where my mind starts wandering, then this is definitely worth a look. Playing this with a friend can make for an interesting challenge and a good time for both. wishes you success and have fun playing Platfoban Unblocked game.