is another awesome multiplayer game of our collection. It's a great battle game that you give your fight in winter during Christmas time with  snowballs! It's charming isn't it?   In unblocked what you need to do is simple. You will take the control of a snowman. Being an io game, you will be battling with players from all around the world. You will try to defeat and remove them from the battleground by throwing at them snowballs. In game you will start the game as a regular sized snowman but you can get yourself bigger by collecting the magical snowflakes on the ground. By doing so, snowballs that you will be throwing at your opponents can get bigger too.    Start playing snowwarsio free online game now and practice your skills at a snowball fight. Show them who is the best at it and be the leader of that arena. Also, if you like and want to try other games like it, visit our .IO Games category to discover more. Have fun.