Kris Mahjong Animals

Welcome to the free game Kris Mahjong Animals. This is a great Puzzle Games. Kris Mahjong Animals is a skill game where you use the matching pairs of tiles to knock over the matching pairs on the matching boards. The game is controlled by clicking and dragging the tiles to place them in the correct position, and then when the file is selected, it is moved to the appropriate square for that move. You must match up pairs of same colored tiles to make a row. The more pairs you have, the easier the game will be and the more challenging the game will be. This is actually the second most popular game in the Mahjong universe after the classic Kim series.

Kris Mahjong Animals unblocked game is a game of luck, because it is random and cannot be preplanned. Kris realized that if they added the feature where the tiles start out in a certain position and are moved around to make rows, that this would get people really into the game. It turns out that the game does indeed have a lot of simulation factors, and this is the basis of many of the mechanics of the game.

In the game itself, the player earns points by making matches with matching pairs of tiles. Tiles match up in a certain way depending on where they are placed in the game. There are a lot of these things to watch for and learn. Most games offer varying levels of these points. You will also need to learn how to use the matching pieces, and how to know when the time is right to use them for a win or a tie. As you play the game, you learn how to think quickly so you don't waste too much time and effort, but at the same time, so you can assess the strength of your mahjong game plan. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Kris Mahjong Animals unblocked free game!