Quick Color Tap!

Welcome to the free game Quick Color Tap. This is a great Arcade Games. Quick Color Tap unblocked game is just one of those arcade games that's just impossible not to love! Even though you only have to simply tap on the screen to play, you must be very focused and respond very quickly! If you are patient, just hold your mouse button and click on the play icon! This arcade game has 16 challenging levels of 4 distinct colors. The goal is to eliminate all the firemen and rescue the princess before time runs out.

To trigger the music effect, just press the space bar. Different colored squares will appear and the squares change in color when you tap on them. The challenge comes from the fact that you can't stop the game and have the music start playing. When you are done with a level, the levels repeat.

This is an unblocked addictive game for both kids and adults. You can use your keyboard arrow keys to maneuver the icons on the screen and try to save the princess. Try selecting the correct color for the target castle by using the space bar to guide your selection. The game is very easy, and kids of all ages and in all stages of development are sure to find something interesting to do here. So what are you waiting for? Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Quick Color Tap unblocked free game!