Spider Solitaire 2

Long-awaited sequel to Spider Solitaire has arrived to yup7. It’s Spider Solitaire 2! Beware, it’s a very spooky one… In this game, you’ll play the classic solitaire game. But a very halloweenish version of it! You’ll be helping out a witch to brew her potion with your gameplay. Its cartoonish and colorful 2D graphics will make your gaming experience a lot more fun. You’ll be playing classical solitaire type ''spider'' in a modernized vision, a vision that is eligible for halloween. Plan your actions wisely because you’ll only have 3 take backs, after that you can never take your actions back. A wrong move can block the game and can easily frustrate you. Make sure you've planned out your moves and done all the available maneuvers before you take new cards from the deck. We also have to mention that you had better not spend all your time looking at the cards. Because there is a time limit for each game. You have to sort out your cards and beat the game in given time otherwise you’re gonna lose the round. Count down of your 15 minutes to beat the game will be stationed at the top right corner of the gamescreen. With each correct pairings you’ll earn points. You can check your points looking at the bottom right corner of the gamescreen. A card game experience like no other is just a click away from you. Can you clear the board before time runs out and help the wicked witch to do her wicked things? If your answer is yes, press play and start carding right away! If you want to discover and play more card games for free like this one, make sure to visit our Card Games section for more fun.