The Final Earth 2

The Final Earth 2 is a resource management and city builder set in a post-nuclear war space set up your new society from scratch using existing resources of earth, and your first settlers happy but bored. You must protect them from marauding zombies, marooned soldiers and the mad virus that has swept across the land. Build up your civilization and research technologies to advance your civilization, research trees to harvest wood, plant seeds, breed animals and run your city efficiently by creating traffic flow through ports and byways. Research transportation to send your research scientists and technicians to the edge of the next world.

The Final Earth 2 Unblocked game modding support is vast with many different aspects to your new Terran colony. There are space warfare tactics and weapon strategies to hone your military training, there are trade routes to expand your economy and build up your science facilities to gather more resources, there are worker rushes to build more structures and resources, and a resource system to automatically harvest minerals, convert them into food, and use these resources to build more units and research more technology for you colony. When you run out of food and resources in the space game, you must use your cities' harvesters to automatically send out mining teams to the outer planets to find more food sources or collect more resources to return to the base. Yup7 Games wishes you a good time in The Final Earth 2 game.