Helicopter Rescue

Welcome to the online game Helicopter Rescue is a online unblocked game. Helicopter Rescue is a action game that is a lot of fun to play. The game has a number of different modes and is aimed at kids from four to eight years old. It also has a MLN badge which you can earn after completing five levels.

There are two main game modes. One involves flying your helicopter and the other involves chasing criminals. You can also upgrade your helicopter for better performance. For example, you can choose between a vertical takeoff aircraft or a helicopter with a sideways motion. Another mode is to shoot bullets from the helicopter. To complete the mission, you must land your helicopter on a specific landing pad, but don't forget to drop off your crew. This is a great way to demonstrate the power of helicopters.

In addition to the usual helicopter silliness, the game also features a variety of physics-based systems. These include a wind and air pressure system, as well as a surprisingly accurate zoom facility. The game uses a complex physics engine to allow players to navigate through complex environments. In particular, the game's three-dimensional model of the environment is quite realistic. This means that the player has to use a lot of spatial awareness to maneuver around. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Helicopter Rescue Unblocked Game!