Idle Tower Builder

Idle Tower Builder is a simple yet addictive kids game where you build towers to defend your base from waves of attacking robots. The game comes with 5 exciting game levels and an assortment of different types of tower towers that you can build. Each level has a special mission for you and lots of achievements to reach the top of the tower.

Idle Tower Builder Unblocked game comes with many kids games such as skill games where you protect the castle or your pixel from all the enemy towers. Some of these towers come with an alternate use as well such as extra health packs, power ups, and other items. These items can be collected by clicking on them once they are placed on the screen. 

The kids games genre has been around for a long time and has several different versions. However, the idle tower builder game is different because you don't have to guide your tower through each level. There is no inventory to collect or fight with, just wait and click until the tower starts to move. When it does, click to destroy it. This action-packed game has several different endings and secrets that can be discovered by playing the various unblocked games. wishes you have fun playing Idle Tower Builder.