City Minibus Driver

Welcome to the free game City Minibus Driver. This is a great Simulation Games. City Minibus Driver is an exciting 3D game that you can play with either 1 or 2 other players also. It is a game that is very much like the famous Bus Simulator Games. Get yourself a ride on a luxurious city bus and take it on a scenic journey to different destinations. In this game also you have to choose which vehicle you want to drive an old minibus or the sleek new sleek looking Mercedes E Class. The best part about this game is that the bus can be driven either on smooth asphalt or rough roads. Also there are chances of experiencing traffic jams in which the bus might have a minor problem.

If you are into racing games, then this game can give a real taste of real-life. The exciting part of this game is that you can play it either alone or with friends who also love to play the 3D City Minibus Driver unblocked game Career Mode. In this career mode you will have to earn money by racing other vehicles and delivering goods to their required destinations.

The other exciting part of this exciting game is that you have the option of choosing between four different routes. You can choose the fastest route to save the environment or you can choose the slowest route in order to collect more money as you go. Some of the missions in this exciting game also require you to save passengers from burning buildings, eliminating criminal gangs or you have to stop at a bus stop firing. In short this game provides enough thrills and excitement for all the serious bus drivers as well as for all those who love driving games and enjoy the excitement of seeing cities using real life models. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing City Minibus Driver unblocked free game!