Ninja Frog

Ninja Frog is an addictive platform game like Super Mario. The main hero in this platform game is an agile ninja frog. It is a side-scrolling platform action game where you have to guide Ninja Frog Unblocked game through the level by jumping, climbing over ladders and avoiding enemies. On every level you will find a variety of enemies and obstacles waiting for you as well as a number of helpful frogs who are waiting there to help you complete each level.

In order to succeed in this platform game you need to master the various skills required of a ninja, such as the art of shadow and stealth, to hide and carry out delicate movements and to be swift and accurate at the same time. For example, while jumping or climbing up a platform you will be required to press the fire button and the jump button in order to propel yourself. There are certain platform features which will activate automatically when you approach them, like water and lava which will cause Ninja Frog to run fast and jump higher. And if you want to master the skill of jumping over a platform without touching it, all you have to do is hold the jump button. wishes you have fun playing Ninja Frog.