Dangerous Speedway Cars

Get ready to take control of the speedway in this thrilling driving game! In Dangerous Speedway Cars, your task is to complete levels finishing the track in given time and finding all crates on each level. At one try you can go 15 levels. After that your fuel will run out. You'll have to refill your fuel to continue cruising levels. There are 50 levels and it's not easy to get the trophy on each one of them. You'll open the creates that you find after you complete that level. There are many unique gifts in these creates so don't ignore them! You can also paint your cars with different colours. And soon you'll be able to put stickers on your cars. But we think the most applaudable part of the game is its graphics. They’re off the charts, colourful, 3D and innovative. You’ll find yourself spending hours playing this game without noticing. Be the king of the tracks now!