Fruit Bubble Shooters

Fruit Bubble Shooters is completely free internet game. This is totally new and extremely addictive, once begin, there's no way you can stop playing. Shoot fruit bubbles where ever you like to shoot them at the end of every level. Fruit Bubble Shooters Unblocked game is a puzzle game but it doesn't look like a puzzle, its more of a skill game than a pure puzzle game, but still it is very addictive.

For this game, first of all you have to understand that you are in control of the game. Each level will give you several choices, either you shoot the bubbles or you will have to guide them in the correct path by touch. There are also some power ups in the game, you can buy them to help you be more successful. Some of them are; bubble deflectors which when shot, will decrease the amount of time taken to make the bubble disappear, bubble shooters, when you touch a bubble while it is on the screen you will have to let go of the touch to continue and another one is the life meter, it will increase in the levels and once it reaches 100% you will be taken back to the beginning level. You will also have to find different ways to destroy all the enemies and collect the stars, while doing so you will also get to buy the power ups. wishes you have fun playing Fruit Bubble Shooters.