Ninja Run

Since the times of ancient Japan, the definition of the concept of ninja has gone, where it was said about a hidden and trained spy who, by definition, should have been able to use any weapon and know one of the martial arts perfectly. But do not think that the knowledge of ninjas was limited only to the mastery of martial art and weapons, each soldier should be able to handle medical instruments and in case of which render first medical aid not only to others, but to himself, despite the pain and wounds received in battle. By the way, in those days, medicine was based on herbal medicine, therefore this knowledge was also necessary for a hidden warrior. To describe the characteristics of a ninja can be for hours, why not just try to cope with the management of this warrior and perform the task assigned to him. To his joy, our hero managed to accomplish the task, but to leave the place of the operation, not yet. Go along with him and try to help him get out of the enemy territory, where at every step waiting for various traps and troubles.