The Cargo

Welcome to the online game The Cargo. This is a great Car Game. The Cargo Unblocked Game is back in town and this time you are going to have the chance to get into trouble again. In addition to a new trailer and truck, you will also find that your cargo is now upgradable, so you can purchase more trucks and load them up with cargo items such as more fuel, armor and wheels. The more you buy, the more powerful your trucks become, so upgrading your stock will give you even more power when driving the streets of Steelport, NJ. Try racing through the city streets against the trucks of other players and enjoy the thrill of racing your truck for victory. Play against the computer or use a compatible keyboard and mouse for more authenticity.

Offering both a car and truck game, this online truck game has some of the best truck driving games online. The car game lets you take on the role of a truck driver who is making his way through the town of Steelport, NJ. You can also compete with the computer or with other online players for the top position. The trucks are tougher than they used to be and you can customize your vehicle quite easily in this version of the hit driving games. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing The Cargo Unblocked Free Game!