Ice Man 3D

Welcome to the free game Ice Man 3D. This is a great Shooting Games. There's dozens of bad guys that are up to no good in the game in Ice Man 3D Unblocked game, you just have to stop them fast before they shoot you with their deadly ice rays. Use your cool ice gun to slow them down and then blast them with some fast laser bolts from the ground. It's fun because each level has its own challenges, as you advance to new stages you'll face stronger bad guys armed with more advanced weapons. You can't fight them head on like in the comics because they have more advanced moves and weapons, but when you are at close range or when using your ice powers, you have the best chance of taking them out quick. The ice gun, beam shot, and vertical maneuver tools are included in the package for free. Other features include a backup save file, achievements, and leader boards for online play.

While Ice Man 3D is pure action-packed fun, you'll notice that it improves on its accuracy and presentation compared to the previous versions. The new technology ensures that the game will run smoothly even on older computers and that the game is enjoyable right from the start. The controls work great and the game runs well, supporting several standard formats. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Ice Man 3D unblocked free game!