After a few seconds you hit play button, you'll hear a techno music that will have your blood up. The night is young and electrifying. You can also use the word ''electrifying'' to define another thing. It’s Gun The game welcomes you with a cyberpunk-esque main screen. You can mute the game, watch ads to gain free golds or go into shopping on this screen. After you name your killer here, you click play and get into It's a death match game. You’ll try to kill the most enemies to win the round. When you become the leader of the round you can see a crown on your head. It is these small details that makes the gameplay such a unique experience. With its cyberpunk graphics and ravish atmosphere, it sure reminds the gamers of a series that involves hotline in Miami. So if you’re fan of Hotline Miami game, you'll surely fall for this one too. But gun unblocked has one thing that Hotline Miami doesn't have. Gunnight io is an .io game as the name suggests. And that means you have to test your skills each round against real players from all across the world. This surely adds a lot for the competitiveness department. After each game you’ll earn golds. You can spend your golds in the shop. Shop contains different and awesome guns. Unlock all the guns and have an armory that  no one has. You can use scoreboard on the game and see how you're doing kills and deaths-wise. During your playing, you can see your degree at the right bottom and how many bullets that you have left on the left side on your screen. If you’re running out of ammos, follow the direction where the arrow points to refill your bullets. Each round is 5 minutes, so you’ll not get bored playing an over dragged game. Its map is small but efficient, you’ll get into battles and eliminate enemies constantly. Click play and be the most vicious killer that you can be. Make the map a hell for your enemies right away!