Cup and Minecraft

Welcome to the online game Cup and Minecraft. This is a great Adventure Game. Cup and Minecraft Unblocked Game is a fun new game for the minecraft fanatic in your life. The game is played in 2D and has different devices for play. In this game, you play as Steve, a lone man trapped under a single cup. To escape, you need to select the right cup to move. However, distractions can occur during your gameplay and you may need to solve a puzzle. This fun puzzle game can be played for free online and has no ads.

While you're playing the game, you can use resources from your world. For example, you can find gold or diamonds in a mine and use them to build a house. In addition, you can use the resources you've gathered to build a bridge. During the game, you can collect valuable materials from dungeons. Then, you can use them to craft items. You can also fight zombies in the game. Yup7 Games wishes you have fun playing Cup and Minecraft Unblocked Free Game!