Bob The Robber

From childhood, Bob was raised in kindness and affection, and his parents often read to him the story of the brave Robin Hood, who all his life helped the poor and disadvantaged. Of course, for this he took wealth from the rich, those who profited from the poor peasants. These stories could not help but leave an imprint on the young Bob, who decided that he would devote a part of his life to helping the poor, who suffered from the fraud of the rich. Perhaps someone will say that this is not correct, and the courts and the police should decide the fate of such thieves, and not just the simple thief Bob, but he does not decide the fate, he takes very little and gives it to the poor. And he understands that, before the law, he will have to answer for everything, but only if he is caught, and we in turn will help him cope with the locks of the rich and not be caught at the crime scene.